Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No inspiration for a blog what. so . ever

So I've been trying to write a blog with witty banter and interesting metaphors for the better part of an hour but I serious have nothing. Its just not really working in my favor tonight; which is incredibly depressing because I don't even have the energy to talk in third person. I'm exhausted, attempting to get back into the groove of getting up at a certain time of the morning but this blog is not for venting and ranting and being annoying so I shall move on. I suppose since I seriously have nothing else to talk about the winkey face situation is going splendidly. I will tell you however that I had a scary nightmare several days ago in which ;) went in to hug me, miraculously sprouted a HUGE chin and proceeded to knock me to the ground with it. This event put me in a state of shock and I woke up with an irrational fear of being hit in the forehead with a giant chin. Fortunately today I went to school and we had a perfectly normal conversation and we shared a normal embrace which was a success in my mind. Unfortunately we only get to see each other 5 minutes out of the day because he is a junior and I am a senior (but he is older than me , and I am technically supposed to be a junior anyway, which makes me not a cougar lady) I just thought that since we were now back at school together we would no longer  be texting 24/7 but to my awesome surprise I received a text message on my way to yoga this afternoon in which winkey asked me if i had left campus or if I was staying for dinner. SIDE NOTE: I am not a stalker. I just so happen to know alot about people's schedules so that in case of emergencies I would be able to locate them. not to mention I am in that group of friends that enjoys sitting in the corner table (semi circle style) and watches everyone/talks about them/ talks about why other people aren't there. We are gossipers I am aware of this. BACK TO THE POINT: over a few weeks of my weird people watching/not taking I had noticed that winkey face does not normally partake in dinner in the campus dinning hall (who can blame him? ...I eat cereal) anyway he said he would meet me there at 5:30. Needless to say I was pretty excited. But upon my arrival I noticed that nothing had changed and he was with his group of crazy friends and I was with mine, laughing hysterically at absolutely nothing like...What if turkeys had turrets? wouldn't that be hilarious?...Yes we are extremely mature. My friend (we shall call her Tigger) was one of the only of my friends that knew just how much I liked winkey face had noticed that I was creeping around my shoulder trying to keep an eye on him and was subliminally messaging me. But I didn't see winkey anywhere so I assumed that he had already left considering it had been about an hour already. Turning back to my friends I got back into the conversation. Some time later by pure chance I turned around and saw Winkey about to leave...but he was looking at me. But not in a creepy way, just trying to get  my attention. Trying not to do something to embarrass myself I waved (a wave I believed to be mildly discreet) and to my amazement he smiled, waved back and then proceeded out the door. It was adorable and I'm not going to lie and say it was stupid; I loved it. Turning back to my friends happily, it turned out that my discreet wave...wasn't so discreet. And I immediately had my phone stolen, searched and under went a lengthy interrogation. Because I had neglected to share my relationship information with the main portion of my friend circle they were both interested and upset that I didn't tell them sooner; although one of my friends (bookie) is not a very big fan of Winkey so I didn't really want her input or opinion on how she thinks winkey is a douche bag. Anyway. I just feel really bad because winkey is already homesick and its the first day back to school and we only have 18 days and then there is Christmas vacation. It kinda makes me sad that I really don't know how to comfort him for that because I know I cry like a baby when I'm away from home for more than a few days so I don't know how I would deal with being away from home for months at a time. And no, I don't think it makes him any less of a man to get home sick. Its sweet in a sad way. lol. I guess that's all I really got for now. If you get this far, I just wanna thank you for actually reading my mindless teenage dribble. And now I am going to pass out.

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