Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tuna and Chastity go to the rodeo!!

Cutting right to the chase here. Two days ago Chastity belt's older brother, his wife and a lot of other people we are related to by technicality decided they wanted to go to the rodeo in Clemson. Chastity and I love the rodeo. BUT were we invited?! NO! We were not invited to this momentous occasion and were very disheartened because there was no love to be felt. So after hearing about this through word of mouth we decided we would go by ourselves....but there was only one problem...neither of us knew how to get there! But you may ask: But Tuna, doesn't CB's dad have a GPS? and I would answer: why yes my smart friend he does! Fortunately things did not get that serious. Actually, truth be told, CB and I had decided not to go to the rodeo at all; I mean who want to pay $20 to watch 3 hours of hot, rough outdoors men riding around on beautiful horses or risking their lives being dare devils on giant man crushing bulls?...............................OK so we were a little put out by the whole situation. We were sitting in our favorite Mexican restaurant when Chastity gets a phone call from her brother's wife saying that two people had bailed out of the rodeo because they weren't feeling well...YAY FOR DISEASE! :D ! The only catch was that we had to be ready in an hour. Neither of us had finished eating dinner and we were not cowgirl ready. Calling up my connections (aka Tuna Grandma)  got my cowgirl apparel which included my Georgia boots, faded jeans, a flannel shirt and I had to touch up the red lipstick. Gotta love that stuff.

The Walking Chastity Belt and I (The Littlest Tuna) at the rodeo!

 AND we were off to the rodeo, little pony earrings on and ready to cowgirl up. Arriving, the smell of manure immediately overwhelmed my sense but soon settled in and it felt normal (a perk of living in a farming family). They had the whole shebang. Selling over priced food, cowboy hats and pony rides to all the city people willing to pay for the mediocre service. When things were beginning to get started I thought that maybe there would be a cute cowboy or two but nothing special, and I definitely did not expect for there to be more than one or two boys there my age (17-20) . But to my great surprise they were spilling over with cute daredevil cowboys. Although I did find one that stuck out in my mind, but seriously I only liked him for his horse. But all in all..he was pretty cute.

 ;) was less than impressed with my love for the rodeo although. But it was kind of cute that he now calls me cowgirl...even though that is the last thing that I could be. And no matter how adorable and sweet the will inevitably have that awkward talk about what you want for your future. It ALWAYS comes up eventually and with that comes your views on sex and other things. Talk about awkward teenage life in a nutshell. But the rodeo was amazing and hilarious especially when there is a very large Hispanic family in the row behind you. But that is not even the funny part. There was an adorable Hispanic girl in an outrageously large puffy jacket that seemed to think that Chastity and I were the most comfortable things to lean on and rub all over.Being my normal self, I could not contain my laughter and disrupted everyone within close proximity. Life is always an adventure, especially when you are a little tuna. 

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