Friday, November 19, 2010

Winkey Face? ;)

        SO The Littlest Tuna has been home from her college trip for a week, but little did she know about the adventures that would arise when she returned to the littlest pond that she calls home. But before I get to the real chase of this blog lets just have a moment of clarity. They call me the Littlest Tuna, in basic I LOVE TUNA, for no real reason. Some women love pickles, some crave icecream, no my ransom cravings usually call for tuna or peanut butter..but the littlest peanut butter was just not cool enough. And 'the littlest' is self explanitory, Im amongst the five shortest people I am aware of (the ones that don't get scholarships for being a little person anyway). The walking chastity belt is my loving older cousin. She is basically just like me except older, wiser and a good bit friendlier (most of the time). This being said we are both awesome, beautiful, christian women who are virginous and pretty much clueless when it comes to men. .. as most women are. BUT BACK TO THE POINT.
           There is a new twist in the plot of my life lately and we shall call him Winkey Face,WF or ;) , depending on my mood. He is cute, sweet, sarcastic and just your basic teenage dude who apparentally loves horror movies to the maxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Winkey Face has been talking to me every night on Facebook since we began talking two weeks ago. At first he was stand off-ish and acted fairly uninterested. But over the weekend we didn't talk and after I got back to school we still gave those akward looks in the hallway that pretty much say "i want to talk to you, but I dont want to be the one to start the conversation" just the basic frustrations that occur during the 5 minutes in between classes. Finally being seriously lame and having watched too many romantic comedies, I decided we needed to know more about each other so we played a less epic version of 20 questions. I learned he likes snow boarding, tennis, scary movies (seriously!), reading, smallville and all other things awesome. Then he started asking me random questions and then proceeded to criticise my every answer but apparentally his sarcasm did not translate to me very well and I got slightly miffed when he said i was a 'baby' for not liking scary movies and not being able to watch them alone. That was when I realized I had the latest Nightmare On Elm Street on my computer and decided to watch it alone, at night, on a school night and I was determined to not be afraid of Freddy. Fortunetally by the end of the movie I was so exhausted I passed out and drept about my usual things (boys, candy, unicorns,sparkles etc..) Afterwords I tagged him in a facebook post because I wanted him to know about my little endevour in attempts to up my awesome. He then told me that the movie wasn't even scary and the acting sucked. I then asked him to share his knowledge on the subject and the conversation seemed to go off from there. Although, The walking Chastity belt made my life rather difficult whilst I was trying to flirt and not seem weird (which is hard for me believe it or not actually). TWCB wanted to know what WF looked like because I will admitt that the littlest tuna has bad taste in men. Chastity seems to think that Winkey is rather cute and a nice change to the usual guys Tuna is interested in and thought it would be funny to tourment her while she was talking to Winkey because it was funny. CB held up a rather cute picture of Winkey in front of Tuna's face while she was trying to chat with him peacfully on facebook to no evail. No matter because we now have a date set for sometime after thanks giving and before christmas. Am I excited for my date? Yes. Do scary movies scare the crap out of me? Yes. Will there be possible cuddling? I'm not sure. But I will deffinetally keep you updated throughout the holidays. I think I might possibly like this Winkey Face fellow, yes I think I might.

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