Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A very wise woman once told me to "Never smell something after is been in your mouth"

My life is an abysmal swirling black hole of depression.  Just kidding! :) But seriously; I'm sad. :'( No Bueno. My dearest friend! And loved one! and superhero best friend! The walking Chastity Belt! Went under the knife for 3 hours today! For you see, even the most amazing, talented and fearless Chastity Belts have one weakness; The great and formidable foe....THE WISDOM TOOTH!!!! D: ! Scary, I know. But the Chastity Belt, being the brave (and cheap) person that she is decided not to have one, not two, but FIVE! teeth removed at once! CRAZY! So I have not heard from my beloved Chastity for a whole twenty four hours as of six minutes ago! And considering crazy awesome things generally happen when we are together...today was pretty darn boring. I pretty much stayed in my room all day....slept til 11:44......took a shower....watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (which is officially the very best HP movie ever) and watched the new GLEE tonight :D ! which I love so dearly. But even my uncompilable love for Harry Potter (even though I find Daniel Radcliffe pretty nasty looking) and Glee could not distract me from my utter loneliness. So this blog is dedicated to my Chastity Belt who was dearly missed today, but hopefully she is too drugged up to really notice. <3
         In other news, Chastity and I ventured to see the latest HP last night as a sort of last Hooray for C before she went under the knife. ..even though the Chastity Belt has no earthly clue what is really going on in the movie she went with me 1) so I would stop talking about it 2) because the buddy system is an essential 3) there was nothing better to do 4) she all about my over all happiness (Ain't she so sweet?! ) Needless to say that I loved the movie but I was also sort of uninterested which disappointed me a little. It was kind of predictable but that could also have something to do with the fact that I have been overdosing on criminal shows lately and I have taken up the habit of trying to figure out the ending before I get all the clues and sometimes I'm not half bad....an other times I am accusing the family pet of murder. .But hey, you win some and you lose some. Over all my Harry Potter needs were happily met. :) .
        As for Mr. ;), things are going swimmingly with the cute little texts and such. Although tonight he was on his way to spend Thanks Giving with his grandparents and cousins. Cousins are officially the best family ever (no offense mom and dad) but they are related to you, without being completely up in your business and they are almost non related in such a way that they are just seriously close friends; just my personal observation on the situation. But I was the designated 'entertainer' for him on his drive to Alabama; unfortunately I am a horrible at this apparently. But this was unbeknown st to me until about four hours ago. We got into a discussion which then lead to how I have absolutely nothing to do in my hometown but he suggestively said d that there had to be "something" I could "do" to "entertain myself". I mean really? come on. Nasty. I understood him but then he confused me because he was explaining what he meant...but I already knew what was going on so then I was confused...and he was confused and then I had to go anyway so we dropped it lol. Needless to say we are equally dysfunctional and that is just fine.

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