Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm In The Band

As a few of you may know I am actually part of a band, this band is made up of only two people. You guessed it. The walking Chastity Belt and I have started a band. Truth be told we started this band a long time ago, even before I thought about making a blog. The name of this band is "The Kuzanas" (we have another blog specifically for the purpose of following our band adventures) But I have decided that I should keep everyone updated as to what was going on in my life which for the past two days has been updating our new album. The title of our album is "Rib Fingers" as inspired by a fourth of July dinner in which The walking chastity belt and I were the only two to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather and we were inspired. Yes, most of our inspiration is random, sporadic spazz like behaviour. The cover of the album will be a crazed Koala (as inspired by this video with arthritis hands (as inspired by the recent commercial about rheumatoid arthritis) but also the fingers must be covered in barbecue sauce. But the Koala thing is extremely important because every time a kuzana gets angry they make uncontrollable rabid koala noises. Its essential. Although not necessary. The Album is very reminiscent of Flight Of the Concords in the essence that it makes absolutely ZERO sense (but minus the constant profanity). Our songs are as follows "Fart Cloud", "On Top of the Mountain", "I want you close, but GO AWAY", "Scoop vs Scupe" and "Its all Good in the Neighborhood Mr. Rogers". Each of these songs has an extremely complex and interesting back story that is mostly and insane inside joke gone Arie, but that would take 245 blog posts so that will remain a story for another day. The Kuzanas also have a perfume line with delicious scents such as "Nahala Jag" (named after my awesome cat), "Fart Cloud" (isn't it obvious) and "orgy" (you don't wanna know). We are going places people, names in lightssssssss. Its inevitable, some people are just born with it.

PS for all of you who might actually care I will give a brief ;) update. Things were going great, he ate dinner with me, ditched his friends to watch a boring basketball game with me and my friends (who unfortunately don't seem to like him at all, which pisses me off to no end). Until this week, we texted all weekend and were happy go lucky. Then we get to this week and it feels like we have just come to a stand still. We have boring conversations, occasionally see each other in the hallway but there is no real jolt of excitement anymore....I don't want to think that I am letting my friends control my feelings but I can't help but feel like a puppet sometimes. Its really difficult when you want something to work so much that it becomes a problem, while everyone else is pushing you to end it all and forget about your littlest shred of happiness. I just don't understand why everyone else is entitled to date whoever they want and everyone is happy for them even if he/she is the biggest DOUCHE BAG OF ALL TIME! and when I have an interest in someone who is generally nice, but occasionally sarcastic and misunderstood everyone freaks out and wants to rip it out of my hands before I even get a real feel for it. I even did a pros and cons list on the situation. I had 11 pros and 4 cons; two of the cons weren't even my problem, they were my friends. Needless to say that the stress on the whole thing has kind of made me distance myself from winkey, which is not what I want to do at all; and my distancing has thus confused him into thinking that I might not like him as much as he likes me. So we are dangerously close to the whirl pool known as the friend zone. This is an abysmal hole that once you are sucked into it you can never really get out of its dark demonic clutches. I am scared. And I have to do something about it. I can't really decide but will update asap. TTFN.

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