Friday, November 12, 2010

The scetchiest hotel in existance/ First college visit of my life

So I started this month with completely innocent intentions. As a senior in a private highschool I am living it my mind atleast. I've already applied to six colleges of interest and christmas is still a month away. Berry College is one of my top two choices I have in mind. I recieved a letter in the mail a few months ago about an all day college visit which would include a visit of their huge (not to mention beautiful ) campus, a financial aid informational session and all the other enjoyable things that college has to offer.
    I started off searching for the cheapest possible hotel room I could book for two days with my older cousin (lets just call her The Puma) considering she had already been through the college process and is a well educated therapist; I assumed that as long as we stuck together we could survive anything. This once easy task is being put to the real test. After driving for three hours and taking the longest possible route to our seemingly promising hotel, we arrived at a one story Howard Johnson . I swear on my life and on all things delicious and tuna flavored that the descriptions for this hotel were impressive. I should have known that it was too good to be true because it was seriously cheap. Upon arrival the Puma and I were hesitant to even get out of the car, let alone walk into the extremely undersized office, I suppose is what you would call it. Once we stepped inside the office I immediately noticed the man being waited upon has a comb over..with enough grease in it to fry an order of chicken strips. Not to mention the smell was that of a nursing home. Looking around the office i then noticed what appeared to be a toy lizard on the floor; that was until it started running around and running up chairs. Honestly, out of all the animals that could possibly infest a hotel room? lizards? REALLY?! Do things seriously get any weirder? The answer is an impecable yes. Once we left the office we drove around to check out our room situation, but as we were unloading our things into our room we couldn't help but notice that our neighbors were having fun boozing it up before the sun had even set. Then after settling in and deciding that the conditions were livable we went back out in search of food. When we arrived back at our room we hurried back inside before our friends next door could invite us in for a drink. Then we proceeded to unpack a little, eat our dinner, and call our families all while watching the normal crime thrillers that are always on TV. Although sadly enough the smell of urine has started emerging from parts of the carpet and out of the comforters on the beds. This situation is survivable but nearly unbearable. And I could not think of a better way to start a blog.

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