Sunday, December 12, 2010

Its begining to look alot like christmas! :)

Yes, it is the time for gift giving and love! And I am feeling it (as of last night sometime). Speaking of yesterday, its a very interesting story. Winkey face pissed me off, I had to dress up like an ugly elf and pretend to be happy on a Christmas float singing to small children with dreams, I waited an hour for my food at a restaurant and then ate too much and got sick, after which I proceeded to watch a movie and avoid winkey like the plague. So you might be asking yourself; how are you happy Tuna? Well I can answer that with an in depth description of yesterdays events. Life was going great, I was actually excited about going to the parade and ;) and I had just become officially together the night before. That was when they revealed to us the outfits we would be wearing to said parade; Grinch green sweaters on sale at walmart, your own black pants from home and shoes that were appropriate and comfortable and the icing on the cake were the dollar hats with jingle bells on them that made us look like special elves. We ended up being the last float in the parade, which meant we had to wait thirty minutes into the parade before we even started moving, and when we did start moving we were going an inch every five minutes. It took us a while to get into full swing because the floats ahead of us were creeping along at grandma speed, which was when we got stuck outside the Mexican pawn shop and were singing out Christmas carols there for a good ten minutes. The Mexican men on the bench outside the pawn shop were enjoying taking in an eye full of our youthful Christmas caroling and all our cute smiling and decided to thank us by wolf whistling at my friend Ashley and I because we were the only two girls on our side of the float. Things eventually got better as the night went on because we had Santa and Mrs. Claus on our float and they were sweet and adorable. Eventually we all lost feeling in our fingers and had fun singing the songs (especially when our CD skipped and made things awkward). We got conveniently stuck in front of my parents who had fun taking a million pictures of me in my public embarrassment suite. After the whole parade was over everyone was in a beautiful mood and we decided to take a trip to Manriques and have some awesome Mexican food. We waited an hour for our food and between seven people we ate 3 baskets of chips and salsa. Just before our food came ;) text me and choose not to inform you of what he said specifically but it was an awkward subject that I was not about to discuss with him. It was an automatic rejection from my side. When my food came I was no longer hungry but I ate anyway to keep my mind off things. I must not have noticed how much Iwas eating because when I stood up I wanted to blow chunks but I ignored it ,paid for my food ,and left with everyone else on the little green short bus. When we got back on campus Winkey had been blowing up my phone with text messages about "where are you?" "are you still coming to the movie?" "when are you getting here?". I was getting more and more upset with every text that came through. I was going to find my friend Katelyn but I couldn't see in the dark and I was nauseated so Ashley and I just took one of the back seats in the back row. I was attempting to enjoy the movie but ;) text me once again "did you come in?" "yup" "where are you sitting?" ...I chose not to answer that question because I seriously didn't want to work out my relationship problems in the middle of the movie in front of my friend. Since I didn't answer he decided to get up from his seat and go out into the lobby to see if he could see me. I hid. There is no shame in that. I was going to throw up, it was inevitable, and even though I was pretty peeved at him at the moment I would never want to throw up on him. So he went back to his seat and I answered the text and told him I was in the back row. He asked which side I was on. And instead of answering his question I simply replied "I just want to watch the movie, I feel like crap and I really want to go home, and I am not very happy with you right now" to which he replied "what did I do?" I didn't really want to talk about it. Before I even liked him I had explain to him that unlike most girls I don't believe in sex before marriage and I am extremely strict about it so it really bothered me that he would even think about asking me to do anything. But after a while I calmed down a bit and did some deep breathing exercises and Ashley told me he was just being a guy. Even though I don't like it I suppose its something I have to deal with. But I'm semi glad that we set boundaries this early in the game. I might have been mad at him but after the movie was over I still kind of wanted to talk to him, he is my boyfriend after all but i guess he thought I was too pissed to deal with and he didn't even try to talk to me. So I went to the Chastity Belt's house to seek her wisdom because she did get an education in Brain ninja tactics. After moping and talking for a few minutes she eventually convinced me that I should try to work things out while it was still fresh in his mind because apparently men just remember things from the past day and they pretty much start everyday afresh. So I then text him saying "I'm sorry about tonight. I over reacted and had a really bad day...And I'm not mad at you so can we just start over again tomorrow?" and he quickly replied "Yea I would love that" I was so happy that I grabbed onto Chastity's thigh and hugged it for a good fifteen minutes. and I ended the night with an adorable Goodnight text. I will not admit that I love this boy because it has in no way been long enough for that but I am definitely in like with him.

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