Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year :)

Ahhhh the new year! I've been waiting for so long! Naw not really...It wasn't really all that horrible besides the fact that I grew apart from some people but got really close to others at the same time. On another note I would just like to confirm the rumors that winkey face and I have either had a huge misunderstanding (but considering the fact that this would be our third misunderstanding that would be seriously unlikely) , or he thought that our relationship was an open one. And that is not the way I roll. I mean I seriously? A level headed, christian girl who really doesn't want to waste her time with scumbags here. Yup that's me. But I was fore warned; My friends tried to tell me that he was jerk and that it would just end bad and of course i didn't listen because I was the object of his affection for a full month. Now suddenly all these girls have been flaming his face book page talking about how he has been hitting on them non stop (not to mention all their boyfriends have been attacking him.) Some of these girls I have no idea who they are and others are girls who kinda asked for it...Slutty girls from school who ask for attention but then make the guys seem sex predators when things get too heated for them. I guess I was just another tool, oh well. I expected it to blow up in my face eventually, but I thought it would be more flashy and dramatic and that it might perhaps actually include me in some way? But I guess its kinda hard to keep up with which girls your hitting on, in a relationship with, fighting with and lusting after. Serious player fail. But I suppose that I should actually have a conversation that confirms that we are actually over. I don't want to be mean and I don't want to tare him down or anything. I would just rather end things on good terms; he is obviously going through some rough things with some other chicks and the more I think about Micheal the more I miss him :( so I obviously have some personal things that I should work out to. Until next time :) Peace, Love & Tuna ~ <3

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