Monday, December 27, 2010

Hows it goin'?

So my two followers (who are secretly the same person) have been nagging me to update my blog so here it goes.
Last week I and the walking chastity belt went down to south Georgia to visit with cool people she met in college and we all hung out for a week. They fed us way too much food, wouldn't let us pay for anything and gave us Christmas gifts. So we spent very little money and got lots of food and presents. Pretty awesome week. But as usual the walking chastity belt tried to set me up with nice church boys, which isn't something I mind but I've already gotten my future husband on lock (my bff/ first love) His name is Micheal. Nothing to do with winkey face?! A shocker. I know. But Micheal has been my bff since we were eleven, we met in church. The good old days with the gang of hoodlums that crowded into the second pew in the front on the left. Yup that was us. But after he moved away to Florida I didn't talk to him for a year but when I was in Florida this time last year on an over lavished vacation I remembered I had his number and decided to text him for old times sake. Things hadn't changed at all, excepted I had acquired a fashion sense, cut off my hair and dyed it red; and he had grown up a little, started running with a sketchy crowd and got 7 tattoos..but he was still the same sweet Micheal to me. And apparently I was the only one who still got to see that side of him. We pretty much agreed that the opposite sex was stupid and talked about our futures. We came to the awesome conclusion that we would grow up, get married, move somewhere populous or tropical and he would pursue his dreams of becoming a chief and I would be a stay at home wife or get a simple job like a journalist or an online blogger or a stay at home mother (Micheal doesn't want children but that will all change one day, trust me on this one hes too good with kids)
But away from the plans of what was and what will hopefully be and back to whats been going on in the mean time. While we were in South Georgia Winkey face and I had another explosive fight which once again ended in us trying to work things out. I only assumed that since after that he didn't talk to be for a few days that we just decided to end things like they were until today when he started texting me again calling me 'babe' and all that good stuff. He doesn't need to know that last night I asked one of my good friends to be my back up prom date..what he doesn't know won't hurt him right? We will just have to see how long that will last.
Christmas was pretty much awesome. It snowed like 5 inches on Christmas day. I got a new camera, a tom tom and alot of other cool gifts :) thanks to my awesome parents, family and Santa of course. Since we live up in the mountains we were afraid people wouldn't make it up to Christmas dinner so we bumped it up to 5 instead of 7. Most everyone showed up and we had a great time stuffing our faces with Christmas cheer. We exchanged gifts with our secret Santa tradition, said our goodbyes and left. I went home with the chastity belt and spent the last two days at her house with her being snowed in and gross because of the lack of a shower for two days. But at the current moment my mind is focused on blogging, prom and TV. and the fact that I am totally gaining all the weight back which i lost during my yogalates :'( . Oh well. When school starts again it is definitely back on the cereal diet for this little tuna. PS here are my two favorite prom dresses, your input is appreciated.
Strapless Full Length Beaded Gown NM-6357WMulti Print Strapless Sweetheart Dress NM-6375W

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